Securing REST APIs with Client Certificates 2

This post is about an example of securing REST API with a client certificate (a.k.a. X.509 certificate authentication). In other words, a client verifies a server according to its certificate and the server identifies that client according to a client certificate (so-called the mutual authentication). In connection with Spring Security, we will be […]

TCP Port Scanner Example using Spring Shell

This post is about using Spring Shell to make a simple application for scanning open TCP ports. Technologies used: Spring Boot 2.0.5.RELEASE Spring Shell 2.0.1.RELEASE Quick Overview: Final Project Structure Creating a new base Spring Boot project Needs for parallelism How check whether a port is open? Integrating with Spring […]

How To Create PKCS #12 For Your Application 4

This post is about creating PKCS #12 to serve e.g. your content via HTTPS in your application itself or in another web container (such a Tomcat or another application server). The PKCS #12 format is a binary format for storing cryptography objects. It usually contains the server certificate, any intermediate certificates (i.e. […]

How to install Ubuntu on Synology 9

This post is about installing an Ubuntu desktop on your Synology NAS. You are able to install any other Linux distribution using this recipe, it does not matter whether desktop or server type of any distro. To install any virtual machine to your Synology, you need to install Virtual Machine Manager to […]

Spring Security with Radius Login in Spring Boot 5

In this example, we will secure a home page (/home) with Spring Security using Radius authentication. Technologies used: Spring Boot 2.0.4.RELEASE TinyRadius 1.0.1 Embedded Tomcat 8.5.23 Quick Overview: Create a new base Spring Boot project with required dependencies Create a simple login using Spring Security Create your own RadiusAuthenticationProvider Simple […]

Spring Integration: SFTP Download using Key-Based Authentication 1

This example will demonstrate how to use Spring Integration for downloading files from a remote SFTP server. Two possible authentications could be used, i.e. public key or password. Technologies used: Spring Boot 2.0.4.RELEASE Spring Integration 5.0.7.RELEASE (managed by Spring Boot) Spring 5.0.8.RELEASE (managed by Spring Boot) Quick overview: Create SFTP […]

Spring Integration: SFTP Upload Example using Key-Based Authentication 20

This example will demonstrate how to use Spring Integration for uploading files to a remote SFTP server. You can use both of possible authentication methods, i.e. with a public key or with a password. The real example shows the public key authentication only because it is a more production-ready choice. […]