Simple Groovy Logger Without Any Logging Framework


If you need to use a simple logging in your Groovy script you can use some existing and supported frameworks.

Sometimes you do not want or cannot use any other dependencies in your script, so you can write your own simple logger using methodMissing implementation:

 * Possibility to log TRACE, DEBUG, INFO, WARN and ERROR levels
 * Simply call methods like info, debug etc. (case insensitive)
 * Possibility to set/change:
 * * logFile - location of a log file (default value:default.log)
 * * dateFormat - format of a date in log file(default value:dd.MM.yyyy;HH:mm:ss.SSS)
 * * printToConsole - whether a message should be printed to console as well (default value:false)
 * @author pavel.sklenar
class Logger {
    private File logFile = new File("default.log")
    private String dateFormat = "dd.MM.yyyy;HH:mm:ss.SSS"
    private boolean printToConsole = false
     * Catch all defined logging levels, throw  MissingMethodException otherwise
     * @param name
     * @param args
     * @return
    def methodMissing(String name, args) {
        def messsage = args[0]
        if (printToConsole) {
            println messsage
        SimpleDateFormat formatter = new SimpleDateFormat(dateFormat)
        String date = formatter.format(new Date())
        switch (name.toLowerCase()) {
            case "trace":
                logFile << "${date} TRACE ${messsage}\n"
            case "debug":
                logFile << "${date} DEBUG ${messsage}\n"
            case "info":
                logFile << "${date} INFO  ${messsage}\n"
            case "warn":
                logFile << "${date} WARN  ${messsage}\n"
            case "error":
                logFile << "${date} ERROR ${messsage}\n"
                throw new MissingMethodException(name, delegate, args)

Supported log levels are TRACE, DEBUG, INFO, WARN and ERROR (otherwise an exception is thrown). You can simply call these methods (case insensitive) on the instance of the Logger class:

def logger = new Logger()
logger.trace "Trace level test"
logger.debug "Debug level test" "Info level test"
logger.warn "Warn level test"
logger.error "Error level test"


23.07.2015;18:42:53.960 TRACE Trace level test
23.07.2015;18:42:54.028 DEBUG Debug level test
23.07.2015;18:42:54.029 INFO  Info level test
23.07.2015;18:42:54.030 WARN  Warn level test
23.07.2015;18:42:54.031 ERROR Error level test

You are able to customize your logging with these properties:

  • logFile - a location of a log file (default value:new File(“default.log”))
  • dateFormat - a date format in a log file (default value:dd.MM.yyyy;HH:mm:ss.SSS)
  • printToConsole - whether a message should be printed to a console as well, i.e. in addition to a log file (default value:false)